Where Can I Get a Digital Land Survey of My Property?

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Do you need a survey for your GTA property? If you’re thinking of selling your home, refinancing it or challenging your tax assessment, you’ll need a copy of the official survey. And, if you plan to build, tear down or make changes to any structure on your property, it’s crucial to consult the survey first. In the 21st century it’s also important to have a copy of your property survey in digital form.

Where can you get a digital survey? Protect Your Boundaries, a licensed survey firm that provides access to more than one million GTA surveys will help you to obtain a digital copy of your Surveyor’s Real Property Report. If the existing survey of your property is obsolete, PYB will match you with a licensed surveyor who can create a new one.

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Where Can I Get a Digital Land Survey of My Property?

It’s often important to consult an official survey of your property. One of the most crucial times is when you or a neighbour is building a fence or other structure close to the property line. It’s good policy to ensure that no structure encroaches on a neighbour’s property, since encroachments can make the resale of both homes more difficult and can even prevent one neighbour from full enjoyment of his/her property.
You might also need a copy of the official land survey if you plan to go to the bank for refinancing or if you want to challenge the tax assessment of your property.

Easements and Other Information

A property survey can also give you a great deal of information about easements on or under your property. It can display the location of gas, power and telephone lines, storm drains, sewers, subway tunnels and other objects that can affect your property. For example, if you plan to install a backyard swimming pool for your kids, you’ll want to be sure there are no obstacles to digging.
You may also discover that your property contains a right-of-way for people who want to access a public road or parking lot.

Obtaining a Copy of Your Land Survey

You may already have a paper copy of your Surveyor’s Real Property Report, or SRPR, but, in this digital age, it’s important to have an accurate electronic copy. Protect Your Boundaries, an organization that provides access to property surveys for GTA homeowners, is the best agency to contact. PYB staff will be able to answer all your land survey questions!

Protect Your Boundaries Inc. is a licensed member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, and is entitled to provide cadastral surveying services to the public of the Province of Ontario in accordance with the provisions of the Surveyors Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter S29.

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